December 20, 2018

WE DECIDED - our man crush this month (and forever till we all die!), is Timothee Chalamet. I mean, O boy! He's from New York and he's also French (speaks French fluently too - Ohh la laa...)
The award winning Actor has been stealing every girls' hearts through his movies.
The 23yr old Actor currently has been in & out press conference for his upcoming movie (alongside Steve Carrell as his Dad) called, "Beautiful Boy". Where heΒ signed up to play a drug addict. It’s a sensitive, harrowing family drama firmly rooted in reality, based on a pair of memoirs.Β Beautiful BoyΒ is the (true) tale of a father who finds himself increasingly helpless as his bright, charming young son transforms into an unrecognizable monster who steals from his younger siblings, lies, drags others into his drug addiction, and disappears, over and over again.
on the cover of I-D Magazine, interviewed by the one and only, Harry Styles. Them two still haven't met each other yet.Β 
on the cover of GQ Magazine
He starred in 'Lady Bird' as Saoirse Ronan's love interest, Kyle Scheible & won all of his awards for 'Call Me By Your Name',Β a romance blossoms between a seventeen year-old student (Timothee) and the older man played by Airmee Hammer.
Scenes from 'Call Me By Your Name'
Since that movie came out, people were wondering if he's gay, no he's not.
we hate to break your heart but in October 2018, we believe TimothΓ©e and Lily Rose Depp are indeed dating. The were photographed sharing a kiss in the rainΒ  and other photos have emerged of them hanging out together.Β 
with Lily Rose Depp
We're also loving his style in the red carpet, very fearless in wearing bold colors & printed suits. He definitely can pull it off (I mean, after Harry Styles.) and we support these looks!!
You're in luck! He's on Instagram (@tchalamet), Twitter (@RealChalamet) but, alas, sadly not on Snapchat.
Go stalk him now and we definitely can't wait to see him in many more movies to come.

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