About Us

Saint  x  Sinner  (pronounced:  Saint  and  Sinner)  was born in Bali and has been made here since 2013. Created  by  Astrid  Soedjono,

"The brand is a homage to my fashion-filled life, from spending my youth in my hometown, the big city, Jakarta, to now my island life, here, in Bali."

As an international destination, Bali brings in all walks of life that inspire SAINT X SINNER.

"SAINT X SINNER made for fashion-forward, bold & go-getter girls. We get girls & their love of fashion. With the state of the industry and our current day consumer culture, it’s important for us to make a difference. We create versatile yet on trend designs that they could style and wear from work to play, from day to night."

SAINT X SINNER is an independent brand, women owned and operated. We create pieces from the latest trends and affinity for all things romance and feminine. SAINT X SINNER offers a combination of sustain and effortless designs for all occasions. The brand has stood as a wearable interpretation of Bali’s most chic.





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