If Your 2018 Resolution Is "To Read More Books":

January 04, 2018

If one of your new year's resolutions is to read more books, you're in the right blog post! We rounded up a few good fashion related books we've read these past few months. These books were not completely new new, but they're not just fun and easy reading but they're good-looking-coffee-table books too! 

We always love a good autobiography, we can start with this one - we are definitely hooked on the hottest male model in the fashion industry at the moment (if you haven't noticed lol), Lucky Blue Smith, and we want to know more about him! His book (1) 'Stay Golden' is definitely a way to get intimate with him. We enjoyed every chapter, we almost didn't want it to end - it was so authentic, real and genuine. Lucky reveals all, from his style influences to his relationships, from his family to his fans, from music, modeling, and movies to fond memories of his childhood and a backstage look at his crazy life on the road. Lucky Blue Smith, described as “the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Justin Bieber rolled into one” by the New York Times. 


2) 'The GIRLBOSS Workbook', by Sophia Amoruso, if you have read Sophia's ultimate motivational GIRLBOSS, then here's your time to tell people your GIRLBOSS moment. Filled with whimsical illustrations, exercises, and plenty of scribble room, The Girlboss Workbook is designed for both the dreamer and the doer. It invites you—hell, implores you—to get in there and mess it up a little. 

Use it as a diary, a mood board, a stress ball. Use it in class or at work for daydreaming and doodling. Use it to figure out what makes your freak flag fly -- and then go for it!  



If you enjoyed Faults In Our Stars by John Green, this got loads better, 3) 'Turtles All The Way Down' - is somehow far darker, not so much because of the subject matter — though that’s dark too — but because of how he chooses to write about it. This novel is by far his most difficult to read. It’s also his most astonishing! A sweet, conventional love story begins. But it hits a bittersweet, unconventional dead end. Ooooofffh.. It's good! 



If re-designing your place is in New Year, New Me list, put this book in the cart! "We want to be modern, but we want to be human too' Ilse Crawford. 4) Home Is Where The Heart Is? moves beyond the senses to an investigation of our basic human drives for survival, safety, love, respect and self-fulfillment. This is then expanded to how we live, our homes and our daily activities. How good, right?! You know you need this type of encouragement in the beginning of the year! 


Last but not least, take your 'gram game to the next level! Capture the best angle of your #ootd and make a better feed! Learn from the best, Aimee Song, or we know her as @songofstyle. In this ultimate how-to Instagram guide, you’ll learn:
· How to brighten, sharpen, and filter your photos
· The best apps and filters
· How to prop and style food and fashion photos
· Ways to craft your voice and story on Instagram
· How to gain more Instagram followers
· Secrets behind building a top Instagram brand
· How to transform an Instagram hobby into a successful business
· Tips for driving revenue based on your following

Is this WHAT you would like to engage in 2018? We'll say no more. 

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