GIRL GANG #2: Yova Limento

November 22, 2018

#SXSGIRLGANG series continues...
Come check out our hang-out chat with the lady entreprenur behind Remix Juice & Good Boba, Yova Limento. 
Catch her on insta: @yovalimento. 

 Yova wears: Kim Obi Belt x Starry Night in Wine x Noah Earrings x Say A Prayer Necklace

Yova wears: Sassy Hotline Tee x Santa Cruz Biker Skirt in Blush

Name: Yova Limento

Age: 28

Perfect Lipstick Shade: natural pink or dark red for a classic look

Yova wears: Believe Me Baby Tee x Play it Luxe Belt Bag in Red

How did you start @remixjuicebali & @goodbobacrew?

I started Remix because my mother was in therapy for Diabetes and I researched the most beneficial way to juice and cold-pressed came up. For Good Boba, we wanted to bring in a new concept of homemade bobas with real  loose-leaf teas, as there is none like this in Indonesia yet. Right now, the market uses powder and preservatives - which it's very (and extremely) dangerous for your health. 

Yova wears: Believe Me Baby Sweatshirt Amour Earrings x Santa Monica Necklace

You have a very flawless skin, what's your beauty regime?

I called it a 7 step process, I cleanse, mist, pat toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, SPF & BB cream. All in that order! To brighten skin & special occassions I like to put a face mask before I put my make up on.


What's your special hang out spot(s) in Bali?

I'm at Remix & Co most of the time, but I do like Parachute & Alila Seminyak.

Yova wears: Heart Me Bandana Top x Holy Capri Pants

What do you listen to?

I like a lot of genres depending on the activity, for mornings I like something a little upbeat, like Drake. 

In the afternoons I turned to something soothing, like Classic or Jazz. I also like listening to Billy Joel and The Cranberries. 


What's the best advice you always tell yourself and share with others?

Always give more than you receive. The universe will return in fold for what you put out there! 

Next one is, stay humble & work (I mean... really) hard.



Thanks for hanging out with us, Yova! x

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